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About Ocean Sentinel


Ocean Sentinel Productions works over 300 days a year on the water

to bring you the best in underwater film production.

Ocean Sentinel Productions is the home of professional underwater cinematography run by shark wrangler & underwater cinematographer Bryce Rohrer. Captain Bryce owns and operates Ocean Sentinel Productions along with Florida Shark Diving, California Shark Diving and Cape Cod Shark Adventures.  We make our living on the water filming marine life for all types of media productions, from commercials to documentaries. We also run dive charters bringing people from all over the world into the ocean to see sharks in the wild. While running one of the busiest shark diving charter companies in world and working on numerous film projects per year, Ocean Sentinel Productions is able to keep our finger on the pulse of the ocean and the wildlife in it.


Over 300 days a year on the Ocean gives us an intimate insight into the marine world that we maximize during your underwater film production.


Our experienced watermen (& ladies!) are passionate about being in and around Mother Ocean.


Our owners have spent their lives in the Oceans off of the Eastern Seaboard with some of the World’s most impressive marine predators.


We deliver the highest quality underwater marine footage available in the world today. Have a look at some of our work.


We use education and hands-on encounters to reshape people’s views of the underwater world!


Ocean Sentinel Productions facilitates the highest quality underwater cinematography services.

Ocean Sentinel Productions works on the water on an average of 300 days a year with sharks and other marine life. During our time on the ocean, we have been able to attain an immense amount of knowledge and experience on how to approach, film, and successfully work with marine life in nearly every situation that might arise during a film shoot.


Ocean Sentinel Productions has assisted film shoots in numerous professional capacities, including: underwater cameraman, talent, captain, safety diver, logistical coordinator and many other roles. We are keenly aware of all of the elements that are needed for a successful project to come together and we apply our years in the ocean to satisfy your unique requirements.  No project is the same and we make it a point to make the best of every situation we have both in and out of our control (wildlife, weather, etc).  Our number one priority is that the end result of every project is managed and executed correctly for the best final result. For us, there is no other option than success when working with a wildlife shoot.


Please take your time to review our site and services to familiarize yourself with what our experienced team can do to make your next underwater film project a success. We hope to see you on the water and don’t hesitate to contact us directly from the “Contact” page to further discuss your unique and exciting project.